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Reconnect to Success Retreat

A 3 day retreat that will leave you feeling inspired motivated and engaged for the future.




This could be the year you rise & thrive….or the year you’re left behind...

Over the last year we have gone through a time of unprecedented change in all aspects of our lives. For many, this has led to burn out, disillusionment, frustration and dissatisfaction with change being imposed upon us and a constant focus on survival.

As we start to transition out of Covid, this is great opportunity to reconnect with your passion and purpose whilst consciously designing a life and business that is both effortless and enjoyable.

It is for this reason we have created our Reconnect to Success Retreat. Designed for business leaders we provide 3 days, in an amazing location, for you to:

  • Reflect

  • Reconnect with your passion and purpose

  • Define success in every area of your life

  • Put a plan in place that will deliver that success

  • Start to build the daily habits that will lead to every day being fulfilling and effortless

  • Help you become a more effective ‘authentic leader’ in your business


Reconnect to Success is unlike any other course

More than anything, it will cause you to have the courage to be yourself no matter what the context and put a stake in the ground for who you are and what you are committed to in your life. Whether you simply want to make some small distinctions to take your business to the next level or whether you come to reclaim your life and what drives you.

Some of what we will cover:

  • A deep understanding of yourself including your ‘super power’, beliefs, values, identity, passion and purpose

  • The role business plays in your life and identifying the pace of business growth that is right for you

  • Your accelerators and brakes

  • How to become a more ‘authentic’ leader

  • Identifying the pace of business growth that is right for you

  • A vision for the 11 key areas of your life, identifying how are you living these areas now vs where you want to be

  • The habits you must instil into your daily routines to ‘enjoy the journey’


Attendees will:

  • Uncover the source of personal challenges

  • Capture learnings and experiences from the past year that will accelerate success

  • Gain an understanding of why you do the things you do

  • Identify your purpose and legacy

  • Take your motivation to a new level

  • Learn tools and habits that will make your days effortless

  • Design your future

  • Become a more effective and inspiring leader

Your Hosts


Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross is the founder of High Growth. He works exclusively with the ambitious leaders of fast-growing businesses who recognise that, in order to achieve and sustain high growth they need cutting edge skills and the proven strategies to stay ahead of their competitors. His High Growth Methodology™  has been delivered to over 2500 businesses in Europe, the US and Asia with stunning results.

Rebecca Bull

Rebecca Bull, a Chartered Fellow CIPD professional, is founder of My HR Hub with over 20 years’ experience in the in HR. Rebecca has worked across a number of sectors, including design, manufacturing, sport, retail, hospitality, computer games and renewable energy in the UK and abroad, and for household names including Games Workshop, Convergis, and Speedo International.

Who is it for?

When you attend the retreat  you’ll be joined by 10 other successful business leaders.


But there is ONE characteristic that defines every single person who will take the action to attend: They know there is MORE and they won’t settle for a small life…


If you are tired of being pulled from pillar to post by the circumstances of your life, of feeling powerless or out of control… Reconnect to Success will give you the tools you need to overcome. This is the opportunity to take control of your life – not by force, but by tapping into your own strengths, making transformational changes and creating a blueprint for moving forward. 

The Detail

Dates: 21st – 23rd Sept 2021

Location: Peak District

What’s included:

The all-inclusive three day retreat price includes:

  • luxury accommodation – single occupancy room and en-suite;

  • all professionally prepared meals and refreshments;

  • all workshops and materials 

  • all group wellbeing and outdoor activity sessions

  • one to one coaching session

Wild Nature

Day 1


11am Introductions

1pm Lunch

2pm Session 1

5pm Relaxation time

7pm Dinner

9pm Miracle evening

10pm End of day

Day 2

7am Miracle morning

8am Breakfast

9.30am Session 2

1pm Lunch

2pm Session 3

5pm Relaxation time

7pm Dinner

9pm Miracle evening (optional)

10pm End of day

Day 3

7am Miracle morning (optional)

8am Breakfast

9am Session 4

1pm Lunch

2pm Depart or optional Peak District walk